Kempty Fall, Mussoorie

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“Kempty Falls” is a tourist place situated on the mountains of the Shivalik range in Uttarakhand, India. It is located on the way to Chakrata and is 15 km away from Mussoorie. It is nearly located at around 1364 meters above from the sea level which is at 78°-02’East longitude and 30° -29’North latitude. The Kempty Falls and the areas around it are surrounded by various high rock mountain ranges at an altitude of 4500 feet.

Kempty Falls tourist place is extremely popular among those vacationers who are specifically interested in waterfalls, baths and swimming. It is a unique waterfall because it is the biggest and prettiest waterfall located within a beautiful valley and is surrounded by high, big and rocky mountains. People who took bath under the foot of this fall always feel refreshing, rejuvenating and enjoyable as this fall act as stress reliever for all people. This place is mostly visited by a huge number of visitors during summertime when the temperature of their cities like Delhi, Harayana, Punjab and many more start rising and reaches above 40-degree centigrade.
Kempty Fall was developed as a tourist venture by a British officer John Mekinan, around 1835. The name Kempty has been derived from the word ‘camp-tea’, A stream of water running throughout the year starting from the southwest of village Banglow ki kandi moves northwest and falls from 4,500 ft. Splitting into five other cascades, the waterfalls a further 40 ft.

There is an estimated tourist inflow of over 10 lakh across the year. The nearest railway station around Kempty Falls is in Dehradun which is about 45 Km away from it. The best time to visit Kempty Falls is near summertime from March to September; however people visit this place all across the year.

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