Chakrata Hill Station in Uttarakhand India

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Chakrata Travel – Chakrata Hill Station in Uttarakhand India


Chakrata is a beautiful cantonment town varnished by a Himalayan range which is located at an altitude of 7000 ft “2270 mtrs” above sea level. This sequestered hilly town is also a Tehsil in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand State. The Tehsil region is also known as Jaunsar – Bawar and the people here are called Jaunsari “Jaunsari Tribe”.

It is between two rivers on the Northwest is Tons River which separates it from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkashi along with on East to the south-west is Yamuna river which separates it from Tehri Garhwal and Mussoorie.

Chakrata is all away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd and pollution which is blessed with a neutral beauty. It is one of the places where you will find nature at its best. The place will fill you with inner peace and joy. It is rich with flora & fauna along with panoramic views of the great Himalayas. During winters it is covered with a white cover of snow.

Places to Visit in Chakrata

Chakrata is rich with many famous temples and beautiful sightseeing spots that you can visit.

One of the most famous temples of Chakrata and Jaunsari tribe is of lord Mashu at Hanol. Lord Mashu is believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva and the famous temple of Lakhamandal which was built by Pandavas located near the Yamuna river.

Major beautiful sightseeing spots in Chakrata:

On North: Khadamba Top “Highest peak in Chakrata region” Jungle of Devvan and Devvan top, Lokhandi, Meadows of Moila-Danda, Koti Kanasar, Budher Caves, “Vadeshikhar where the famous Mahabharata was written by Veda vas” and a famous waterfall “Tiger Falls” in north-east. 

On Eastern: Chill-Miri Top “Thana Danda”, Ramtal Garden “Choli Thaath”, Makti Pokhari, Chani Churani “Churani Range”  Bairat Khai “provenience of KIng Virat of Mahabharata period”.

When To Visit Chakrata

The most favorable time to visit Chakrata is summer (March to June), the weather this time is very pleasant during the day and like natural AC at night.

If you love snowfall, you can also visit Chakrata in winters (End of December to February) or you can visit this place in the Autumn session in October this period is also much favorable. 


But in the rainy season (July to September)  most of the roads are slippery due to mild rainfall so during this period it’s a bit risky.

Note: As already mentioned Chakrata is a military cantonment area, Foreigners are not allowed. Still if one wants to visit he/she can try applying for a permit from the Commandant 22 Force c/o 56 APO to visit Chakrata.

How to Visit Chakrata

Chakrata is just 97 KM far from District Dehradun. Nearest Railway Station is Dehradun Railway station and Airport is Jolly Grant Airport.

One can hire a private/personal cab from Dehradun or can take a bus from ISBT Dehradun to up to Vikasnagar and from there many shared taxi services are available which you can take.


Note: The Best way to Visit Chakrata and nearby tourist spots are by personal vehicle so that you can enjoy the every loving spot in between the way from Dehradun to Chakrata. But make sure to fill up your vehicle tank full as there is no gas station in Chakrata. The nearest gas station is at old – Kalsi which is 40 KM from Chakrata.


Chakrata Route Guide

  • Dehradun→ Prem Nagar→ Selaqui→ Sashpur→ Herbertpur→ Vikasnagar→ Yamuna Bridge “Haripur”→ Kalsi→ Sahiya→ Chakrata.



  • Dehradun→ Prem Nagar→ Selaqui→ Sashpur→ Langha Road→ Barotiwala→ Jeevan Garh to Panwar Market→Yamuna Bridge “Haripur”→ Kalsi→ Sahiya→ Chakrata or → Kalsi→ take Yamunotri Road to Bairat Khai→ Chani Churani→ Makti→ Purodi→Chakrata

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