Valley of Flowers National Park

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Encompassed with the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (223,674 ha) which is further surrounded by a buffer zone (5,148.57 km²) included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2004.The valley is generously gifted by mother nature with hundreds of different flowers, taking on various shades of colours at different times of the year. Though the valley was declared a national park in 1982 it now holds the status of a World Heritage Site. Though thought to be discovered by the British just a decade prior to independence ,the locals always knew of the existence of the valley, and believed that it was inhabited by fairies.

The valley is home to many celebrated flowers like the Brahmakamal, the Blue Poppy and the Cobra Lily. It is a much sought after haunt for flower-lovers, botanists and trekkers.

The Valley of Flowers is internationally important on account of its diverse alpine flora, The rich diversity of species reflects the valley’s location within a transition zone between the Zaskar and Great Himalayas ranges to the north and south, respectively, and between the Eastern Himalaya and Western Himalaya flora. A number of plant species are internationally threatened, several have not been recorded from elsewhere in Uttarakhand.

The park is inhabited by Tahr, Snow leopard, Musk deer, Red fox, Common langur, Bharal, Serow, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan brown bear, Pika (Mouse hare) and a big variety of butterflies. Among the avifauna are, Himalayan Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Snow Partridge, Himalayan Snowcock, Himalayan Monal, Snow Pigeon, Sparrow Hawk etc.

Known the world over for its flowers, some of the flowers growing on the Valley of flowers, and their flowering seasons are listed below!

No. Name of Flowers Time of Flowering
1. Rhododendron arboreum February–June
2. Primula denticuleta April–July
3. Iris kemaonensis June–July
4. Fritillaria roylei June–July
5. Lilium oxypetalum June–July
6. Arisaema costautum June–July
7. Thermopsisa barbata June–July
8. Rosa macrophylla June–July
9. Caltha palustris June–July
10. Fragaria nubicola May–July
11. Saxifraga roylei July–August
12. Anemone obtusiloba June–August
13. Cypripedium himalaicum June–August
14. Rheum australe July–August
15. Phlomis oracteosa June–August
16. Hackelia uncinata June–August
17. Senecio jacquemotiamus August–September
18. Ligularia amplexicaulis July–August
19. Morina longifolia July–September
20. Geum elatum July–August
21. Geranium wallichianum July–August
22. Impatiense sulcata July–August
23. Meconopsis aculeata July–August
24. Delphenium roylei July–August
25. Aconitum hookeri August–September
26. Thalictrum reniforme July–September
27. Potentilla atrosanguine July–September
28. Sedum ewersii August–September
29. Dactylorhiza hatagirea June–July
30. Bistorta affinis August–September
31. Stachys sericee August–September
32. Nepeta connata August–September
33. Pedicularis hoffmeistri July–August
34. Swertia hookeri August–September
35. Gentiana ornata August–September
36. Gaultheria erichophy August–September
37. Codonopsis affinis August–September
38. Angelica cyelocarpa July–September
39. Leontopodium jacotianum July–September
40. Saussurea fastuosa July–September
41. Campanula latitotia August–September
42. Cyananthus lobotus August–September
43. Sassurea obvallata August–September
44. Cremanthodium ellisii July–September
45. Anaphalis triplineruts July–September
46. Inula grandiflora August–September
47. Aster albescens July–September
48. Selinium tenuifolium August–September
49. Heracleum pinnatum August–September
50. Epilobium latisperma August–September
51. Silene setisperma August–September
52. Arenaria griffithii August–September
53. Corydalis junecea August–September
54. Erigerono multiradiatus August–September
55. Polygonum molle August–September
56. Himalayan Blue Poppy July–September
57. Codonopsis viridis July–August
58. Origanus vulgare July–August
59. Hackelia uncinata July–August
60. Salvia hins/lanata July–August
61. Smilacina purpurea June–July
62. Viola biflora June–August
63. Rhodiola heterodonta July–August
64. Epilohium latifolium July–August
65. Cotoneasterintegrifolius July–August
66. Dubyaea hispida August–September
67. Saussurea costus July–August
68. Ligularia fiseheri July–August
69. Androsace museoidea July–August
70. Eritrichium conum July–August
71. Lindelofi anchusoides July–August
72. Thymus linearis June–August
73. Rheum webbianum  June–August
74. Megacorpaea polyandra June–August
75. Trillidium govanianum June–August
76. Satyrium nepoleanse June–August
77. Podophyllum hexaneum June–August
78. Picrorhiza kurrooa June–August
79. Polygonatum multiflorum June–August

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