Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun

Paltan Bazaar is a concentrated area for shopping that can be best called the shopping heart of the city.

It is located near to clock tower(ghanta ghar) .

The market starts from there and stretched straight down to a few km, which can be best covered on foot while taking a glimpse around the shops.

Paltan Bazaar is a street market that stays busy with an elbow to elbow buzz and shops concentrating both sides of the road which are the actual charm of the bazaar.

You can find small to big anything across the street.

Shops are beautifully decorated with jewelry, ladies’ item, shops with trendy clothes, footwear, bedlinens, woolen clothes and yarns, books, food stalls.  just take out time to hang around the market and you can find stuff at reasonable prices with putting little bargaining efforts.

Market stays even more jam-packed on Sundays because of the special market called Sunday market, where sellers sell off their stuff on the pavement at cheaper prices.

Attraction points of the bazaar

At the very start of the market you will find a famous ice cream parlor called Gaylord’s Very old shop famous for ice cream and snacks.

On the other side, nearby street to ATM leads to chat Gali, famous for chat, spicy food, golgappe.

While Walking little further down from Gaylord’s on left is a street called gosi Gali, congested place encroached by shops, ideal for girls of the trendy and loved place by young female buyers.

 Little further printing Gali starts, all kinds of printing, editing, computerized paperwork done there.

 Going straight to down from the Atm is south Indian food restaurant named Lakshmi restaurant. It stays mostly full all the time, one has to struggle to get a seat.

Little further on left is dispensary road, stationery and book shops can b easily find there. ideal place for book lovers.

How to reach paltan bazaar

From the railway station

Paltan bazaar can be easily reached. Its 3 km from the railway station. You can get auto, Vikram, taxi or local bus any time from outside.

Which will drop you to ghanta Ghar chowk near Panchayati mandir? Which is hardly 5 minutes walk from there to reach paltan bazaar.
the clock tower can be easily seen from there to recognize the place.

Opening time 10 am to 10 pm.

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